“There really is something to be said about LOVING WHAT YOU DO and when it’s a TRUE CALLING the work picks you not the other way around. Simply put, I LOVE WHAT I DO. I love that I’m involved in people’s lives and their business. For most clients, building their projects is an EXTENSION OF THEMSELVES and sometimes I feel like I’ve changed their lives by GIVING THEM WHAT THEY WANT…”
DEV INC has assembled a staff of professionals with OVER 60 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE within the A-E and construction industry. President and CEO, Dev Anand provides the day to day leadership of the firm and believes that CAN DO” ATTITUDES ARE A NECESSITY…




“Dev and his team helped us manage a very difficult project on our campus. DEV WAS INSTRUMENTAL in working with both our management team and the tenant to bring the project to a successful close…”